Regenerative Almond Orchard becoming a reality!

We have exciting news to announce in the realm of regenerative almond orchards! We are going to be pulling together a team of farmers, ranchers, and researchers to work on an experimental dry-farmed regenerative almond orchard in the Capay Valley!

These folks will implement and track the usage of carbon farming, dry farming, polyculture, grazing, and other regenerative techniques on site. More details will be available in the coming weeks. If any potential candidates come to mind, please let us know by emailing tim(at)

Almondia is becoming real much faster than we could ever have imagined! If we can prove the concept here, then we will have a model to begin planting and/or retrofitting a network of regenerative almond orchards! Stay tuned for more details.

In the meantime, please consider helping us with a Kiva Zip loan to take our business to the next level in Santa Cruz on June 15 so we may magnify our Great Work! Thanks to everyone for supporting us so far. We have 45 days to raise the remaining $3,415 and meet our $5,000 goal!

Taking our business to the next level in Santa Cruz – help needed!

Greetings, community!

We’re excited to announce that we are taking our business to the next level in Santa Cruz! We found an amazing production space 12 times larger than our current one in Berkeley, which we have been spilling out of for the last 9 months since we moved in. We need a larger space to meet the demand for our delicious nourishing creations!

Our Kiva Zip crowd-loaning campaign to raise $5,000 through a zero-interest loan paid back over 2 years just launched to the global Kiva Zip benefactor community on their website!

Please help us spread this so we can get our funding before our June 15th move-in date! Some bonuses to incentivize us all:

-If we reach 13 more lenders new to Kiva Zip from our networks who contribute to our loan, they will tweet about us!

-If we reach 18 lenders new to Kiva Zip from our networks who contribute to our loan, they will match every following loan!

Doing the math, we found that if you choose to lend us the lowest amount of $5, that’s just .68 of a penny per day over our loan period of 2 years! And we pay you back for that amount. Donations of any amount are much appreciated, but multiple small loans will get us through the threshold to start rocking hard on their website.
Who’s on board to help us grow our regenerative business to a regional level? Click here and let’s do it as a community. Thanks to everyone who has supported us so far!