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Stone Ground Nut Butter Machine

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About us and our vision

The Philosopher's Stoneground Sprouted Nut Butter Team

Life, Permaculture, Almondia.

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My birthday request: help us transform almond agriculture!

Problem: we don’t have an ecologically produced source of almonds. Even the organic farms we buy from are monocultures.   Solution: create biodiverse food forests from which to source the nuts and seeds that we use for our products.   What I want for my 27th birthday: you to help us sprout Almondia, the world’s […]

Almond Tree Magic Blossoms

We had the pleasure of visiting our favorite organic almond farmer Brian last week to witness the almond bloom nature magic! The trees blossoming and being pollinated by bees furiously over the course of the approximately ten-day bloom are responsible for creating the delicious almonds that we alchemize into sprouted almond butter. The beauty of […]